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Promoting amateur sport

Sports Development Fund

Our Sports Development Fund supports our mission to promote participation in and provide facilities for amateur sports in Helsby and our wider community.

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About the Fund

Find out more about our Sports Development Fund and how it operates.
Is HCSC a charity?
Helsby Community Sports Club is not a charity, but we are a fully non-profit Community Amateur Sports Club registered with HMRC (CH12383). As such, we operate under strict controls regarding our finances, and enjoy many of the privileges charities enjoy, such as various tax reliefs. All money we receive must be spent in pursuit of our non-profit objectives.
What are HCSC's objectives?
The main purpose of our club is to provide facilities for, and promote participation in, amateur sport in Helsby and the surrounding areas.

As part of this purpose, our aim is to build a financial surplus which we can use to pursue a wider and more diverse membership for both our existing sports and new activities.
What is the fund?
The fund represents our financial surplus. This is the money we receive in income less the money we spend. Income comes from a range of sources, such as membership subscriptions, profit from our bar, hire charges for our facilities and sponsorships. Expenses include the cost of maintaining our facilities and running the bar.

We also deduct contributions towards our reserves before calculating the fund. These reserves are essential to helping us weather challenging periods and to organise substantial repairs or replacements for our facilities.
Who controls the fund?
The fund is managed by our Management Committee. The Management Committee is a formal committee established to manage the club's sporting and non-profit activities.

It includes representation from our Board of Directors, Cheshire West And Chester Council, Helsby Parish Council and all of our sporting clubs.
How is the fund spent?
Our new facilities and structure have provided us, for the first time, with the opportunity to build a substantial surplus.

Our Management Committee are working on a policy to determine how our fund should be managed, and what priorities we should pursue in the coming years.

By law, the fund can only be spent on activities which further our purpose of promoting and supporting amateur sport. Examples might include supporting a new sport to develop, building new facilities or supporting participation in sport for different groups of people, such as disabled sport.
I have made a donation, what happens now?
If you have made a donation to our Sports Development Fund, firstly - thank you!

Your donation will be added to our fund, ready to be spent on activities that promote or support amateur sport. We'll be providing regular updates on how our fund is progressing and how it is being spent via our website once the fund has reached a suitable size.