User Rules

The following rules must be followed by all members and guests when using HCSC facilities.
Last Updated: 21 April 2021

Sports Facilities

  1. Don’t smoke, vape, or bring non-prescription drugs or your own alcohol into any HCSC premises. Consuming alcohol supplied by HCSC is only permitted in the bar, function room and designated outdoor areas.
  2. Stay within the boundary of your facility.
  3. Arrive promptly and leave on-time.
  4. Leave facilities in the condition you found them, and that you would want to find them. Pick up litter and take all personal belongings with you.
  5. Look after the safety and welfare of your group – you are responsible. Ensure supervising personnel are appropriately trained and have first aid kits available.
  6. Wear the right kit and use the right equipment safely. Ensure footwear is suitable for the surface.
  7. Park vehicles in the designated car park, not outside of the site.
  8. Don’t bring animals, except for assistance dogs.
  9. Ensure children are supervised by a parent, guardian or responsible adult at all times.
  10. Don’t take glass or crockery into sports facilities.
  11. Offensive, bullying or aggressive behaviour or language towards staff, volunteers or other visitors will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  12. No filming or photography of children not part of your booking.
  13. Ensure spectators and visitors remain within designated areas, and don’t encourage into playing areas.