Interested in joining HCSC?

Membership Guide

Find the perfect membership for you by looking at our handy guide below.
What memberships do you offer?
We offer two types of membership for individuals.


Membership is our standard option, which includes discounted prices for sports and other facilities, discounted prices at our bar, early booking for our events and a right to attend and vote at our club meetings.

You can join as an Affiliated Member or Unaffiliated member.

An Affiliated Member is affiliated with one or more of our sports clubs - rugby, snooker, tennis, running, bowls or football.

An Unaffiliated Member is not affiliated with one of our sports clubs but are still a member of HCSC.


Associates are supporters of the club and as a thank you for their support enjoy discounted prices at our bar and early booking at our events. They are not able to vote at club meetings.
How do I collect my membership card?
We will contact you when your membership card is ready, including details on how to collect your card.
I am an existing Member, how do I register?
If you are an existing Member of HCSC or one of our affiliated clubs, please do not join online. We'll be in touch with existing members as soon as we can to get them setup on our brand new systems.
How do I join?
If you want to join the tennis, running or football club, you should join them directly. Links to their websites are available at By joining these clubs you will automatically become an Affiliated Member of HCSC.

If you want to join the rugby, snooker or bowls club you can join online. Click the Join Online button at, and then select one of:

• Membership – Helsby Bowls Club
• Membership – Helsby Snooker Club
• Membership – Helsby Rugby Union Football Club

You will automatically become an Affiliated Member of HCSC, and a member of the relevant sports club.

If you want to join HCSC as an Associate, then you can also join online.
How do I register family members?
If you have bought a family membership through Tennis or Running, your family members will be automatically entered into our systems and registered under your account.

If you have bought a family membership with rugby, you should follow the Family Membership Guide here to register your family members.
What is the membership period?
All HCSC memberships (including Associates) last for 12 months from the date you join, unless you have joined Tennis, Running or Football. Members of these clubs will be based on their sports membership. Contact your club for more information.
Are there discounts for concessions?
A £5 discount off Membership is available for the following concessions:

• Aged 18 to 22, or 65+
• In receipt of Incapacity Benefit, Jobseeker’s Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance or Universal Credit.

Please note we may ask for proof of your concession at any point.

Concessionary rates are not available for Associates.
Can juniors join?
Juniors (anyone under the age of 18) can join HCSC as a member for free. Junior Members enjoy discounted prices at our bar and early entry to our events. They also have the opportunity to contribute to our club by representing youth sports and participation.

Junior members who want to join a sports club should contact their sports club directly. Junior members of any sportsclub are automatically junior members of HCSC.

Please note we may ask for proof of age at any point.
Do you offer a couples or family membership?
HCSC do not offer any special memberships for couples or families. Some sports clubs do.

If you join via a sports club, each individual will automatically become a HCSC member in their own right.
I am an Associate but now want to become a Member. What do I do?
Associates will need to purchase membership separately by following the instructions above.
Can I claim Gift Aid on my membership?
Unfortunately, membership subscriptions are not eligible for Gift Aid.

However, if you wish to make a donation to our new Sports Development and Promotion Fund you can do so online Donations are eligible for Gift Aid.
Can I get a refund on my membership?
As a non-profit organisation, we unfortunately do not have the ability to refund membership fees.
Do you offer corporate membership?
Employers, like-minded clubs and associations and other similar groups are welcome to enquire about corporatememberships, including generous discounts for bulk purchases. Please contact us via in the first instance.
What happens when my membership expires?
Membership is not renewed automatically. You will need to purchase a new membership when your current membership expires.
If I join multiple sports do I get a discount?
Members who join multiple sports can claim a £20 bar voucher each time they join an additional club. This is available for each additional club, once per year. To claim, click the button below.
I have a question or need help, who do I contact?
We are primarily volunteer led. We are currently building our team so bear with us, but please send membership queries to and we’ll come back to you as soon as we can.